Make Something People Love - Work like you give a damn

Thanks to @AlexBerger for tweeting this photo of our hipmunk care package! We've seen a flurry of these since they started going out over the last few weeks. @Frmbriyawthxoxo and I hand-packed a few hundred of these one long Friday night a little while ago. And it was absolutely worth it.

Startups, when it comes to treating your users/customers well, if you're ever feeling like you're doing something a normal person wouldn't bother doing, you're on to something.

When your competition only does just enough (odds are, if they're a typical company full of 9 to 5 employees, that's the standard -- do enough to not get fired), you've got a competitive advantage by having the will to exceed expectations.

Startups are the David vs the Goliath(s), after all, so exploit any and all advantages you've got. Want to make something people love? Be exceptional for them.