How Valuable is a College Education? (Remember: Student loan debt is inescapable!) Here's what I had to say on @BloombergTV

Click here to watch (sorry, embeds aren't working).

This jacket and tie weren't just proof that I could tie a tie, but also because my grandfather warned that no one would ever tak eme seriously wearing a hoodie and t-shirt. I disagree with his thesis, but thought I'd indulge him on my next Bloomberg appearance (he's a huge fan).

One of my favorite interviews ever -- I answer the question, "Honey roasted peanuts or lightly salted cashews?"

Thanks again for the great questions, Steve, including this gem:

Question #20 And now, for the hard hitting question. How do you reconcile your role in Breadpig as "swine defender" with reddit's great love of bacon?

Well, I don't actually eat much meat these days, which is unrelated to my increased involvement with breadpig. The underdog (underpig?) status of breadpig always appealed to me -- he really doesn't look like he's prepared to be the world's hero. Everyone always tells me how tasty he looks, like a flying ready-to-eat sandwich; I hope redditors can fight the urge.

In case you missed it - video from my interview on This Week in Marketing

Thanks to the magic of skype, I was the guest (from my room in Italy) on the most recent episode of This Week in Marketing. Dan and Scott were some fabulous hosts who even talked me into showing off previously unreleased early sketch of the hipmunk chipmunk (or as Sabriya called it, the bear with buckteeth). Thanks for having me on, guys!

Can't wait until you get Adam or Steve on there to talk some more about hipmunk.

Interviewed on @BloombergTV by @MargBrennan about,, and the rise of "little brother"

Thank you to all the fine folks at Bloomberg TV who made my appearance on InBusiness possible - especially Margaret Brennan & Shelley Venus for inviting me!

I'm going to have to start paying royalties to my friend Jennifer 8. Lee for all the mileage I'm getting from her "Little Brother." And to the reddit community for keeping me abreast of such a wide variety of topics.

Wish I hadn't let everyone down by not sneaking one of the many 'special words' you all sent me on Twitter. Next time!