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TED: How to Make a Splash in Social Media
The tale of Mr. Splashypants and his rise to Internet stardom.

PDF 2012: The Hero the Internet Needs (YOU!)
We've all got our Gothams to protect, let's be the Batmen and Batwomen the internet needs.

New York Tech Meetup's SOPA/PIPA Protest on January 18, 2012
We remind the Congress that they work for America, not lobbyists.

TEDxMidwest: How to Make the World Suck Less
The non-profit model is broken, and it’s up to innovators to get people excited about do-goodery.

General Assembly: Making Something People Love
If you want to see my playbook from reddit, breadpig and hipmunk, here it is -- free of charge and viewable anytime/anywhere!

Chicago Ideas Week: Making the World Suck Less
Building communities online is more similar to building them offline than you think.

Serendipity in Startups: Why it pays to be good
Don’t be a dick. It’ll be a long-term investment with big returns.