What is up with the chipmunk wearing aviator goggles? @Jaunted high-5s us, digitally speaking

What's up with the chipmunk wearing aviator goggles? Oh, he's just the mascot of new-ish flight search site Hipmunk.com. We've been kind of obsessed with it the last few weeks, and for good reason. Hipmunk is a very cleanly designed site, like if Kayak and Google Search had a baby, and made it display plane ticket options in very appealing ways.

"It's easy, it's fresh, it's informative without inducing headaches, and—perhaps most uniquely—Hipmunk is actually cute."

Why thank you, Jaunted!

One of these days, I'm going to publish my 'making of hipmunk' images so you can see the different iterations of our mascot. For now, I'll keep being tickled by how many people gush about how cute it is (true-story: if it weren't for a good friend of mine, our hero may still look like a bear with buckteeth).

Combine a memorable brand with a killer product/service and I reckon you've got a force to be... well... reckoned with. At least, that's what we're hoping for with hipmunk (and you've got to admit, Steve & Adam did a killer job with the elegant, fast, and user-focused search).

Thanks to all of you who've been rooting for us from the beginning. It's much appreciated -- especially those of you who've told friends, family, or total strangers. You rock. Seriously. In fact, email me about that, because I'd like to thank you.