"If this is not a Miracle then, what is?" - This is why we @breadpig (cc @chrysaora)

I am Founding Director of ChangeFusion Nepal. When I founded this organization, I had one main aim, to support those who need help through those who can give help. I had traveled for ten years and so I had the experience of meeting many people who wanted to support others. My organization could be a bridge and it did become possible in 2009, I supported the five finalists of ChangeFusion Nepal’s Fellowship Program from all the individual donations received from outside Nepal.

2010 came and we had the vision of supporting 25 young social entrepreneurs, we wanted to go to the different districts of Nepal to meet, educate and empower them. We needed funds for that, and I decided to raise funds locally within Nepal. I formed a new team; we went almost everywhere, but somehow it did not work. Two months just passed. Everyone was trying their best, but there were no results. The little funds we raised just went to paying the team. We even published the second edition of my book after 5 years, but the books did not get sold as we expected. I was really frustrated, sad and angry that my hard work was fruitless. Then one day, I just closed my eyes and said, ‘Please help me God, this is not just my dream, but the dream of 25 young people somewhere in this country, I got to reach them’.

Next day, I got an email from Christina which read, ‘Luna, this is Christina, a friend of Prabhas. I work for Breadpig in USA and I am in Nepal right now. Prabhas said you are doing an amazing job and I want to meet you’.

I met her and shared everything about my organization. She was flying the next day, but before an hour, she met me and said, “I talked to Alex[is] my boss and we are giving you $5000, go reach to the people and fulfill their dreams and yours”.

The best part is, Prabhas is someone I have never met. He lives in USA and he just went through our website and felt Christina and I should meet me and this introduction helped not just me but 25 others. If this is not a miracle, then what is?

Christi was a God sent angel to me. The $5000 she gave me was like $5 million to me at that time. Someone once said, ‘Even miracles take a little time’ and that’s exactly the experience I had. This was a miracle that happened to me when I was at my lowest, feeling frustrated and helpless after having given my best. Nevertheless, it did happen!

There's plenty more to read about Luna and her work. Breadpig has big plans to help her ambitious Y Combinator style fund for social entrepreneurs in Nepal -- read the announcement of our partnership and check out their first update from on the road.