polyphasic sleep: a groggy journey toward higher productivity

You never feel like you're being quite productive enough, so something that promises only 2-3hrs. a day of sleep seems like a really great idea. Steve found this link on reddit a day ago and got the idea to make the switch. Apparently, da Vinci, Edison, and Jefferson practiced this method with great success -- we've set our bars much lower.

The nocturnal lifestyle is already a natural part of our existence, so it wasn't a very hard sell, especially if it would mean more productivity (and ultimately, more time for WoW). Our new sleeping schedule would replace the "monophasic" sleep of mere mortals with 6 power naps spread throughout the day at 4 hour intervals.

Needless to say, there is typical about a week or so of intense psychological stress and fatigue as you punish your brain into believing that it only needs these small chunks of rest. We didn't even make it long enough to hallucinate. This morning, only 3 naps into our lifestyle change, our roommate found us slumped on our respective keyboards.

Biological need for sleep: 1
Steve & Alexis: 0